Wednesday, August 17, 2016

American Monsters Tour

The third and final book in the Demon Road series is almost upon us... (of course, if you're in Ireland, it may be upon you already...)

Tour details are below. If you can make it, AWESOME. If we're not going anywhere near you, hopefully we will at some stage in the future.


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Little said...

I'll take it

Alastair Cruciatus said...

*Alastair will move to join his wife, and take her hand to kiss it, if she will allow him* May I ask what your plan is, my darling?

Little said...

So I'm going to write a bit of a paragraph.

Over the years, there's been a lot. But most of you know this. If there is one thing good that has come out of my time on this blog, it has been the hard lessons that I have learned. And, if I may, I want to share a compiled list of some important things, in no particular order. Most of this has taken some serious blood and tears for me to learn, and I may add a short caveat of my experiences to maybe help clarify some points. But I've been thinking about this lately, and figure that, chances are, some of these points could help other people too.

1.) It is never okay to attack anyone.
Even if you are right. Even if the other person has wronged you, past or present, it's never justified to try to hurt them, or make them feel guilty about either actions you have done, or actions that they have done. We are all our own people, and responsible for our own reputations and outlooks on life.

2.) Addiction takes many forms.
For me, it was loneliness. I was addicted to the depression and the anxiety, because I felt that it was much easier to retreat into my head than try to be happy. I was afraid that, if I were confident, people wouldn't like me. And pity is much easier to get than is acceptance and friendship.

3.) It's okay to get better.
We are loved be the people we call friends. They love you, regardless of your struggles, and if you become well again, they will only love you more. Self-sabotage is a positive feedback loop, and it's not fair to cry about not having friends when we are the ones who made ourselves unbearable enough that they left us.

4.) This blog- or other online forums or communities- is not the end all/be all. Having online friends is okay, but if you get to the point where you dont have many, if any, real life friends, you're in trouble. And you should probably take a sabbatical.

5.) People have different opinions.
You don't have to agree with everyone you meet. You don't have to be best friends with anyone either. It's okay to disagree, but don't argue. Name calling is a red flag for bullying, and if you feel that much anger towards another person, you need to remove yourself from the situation peacefully, and move on. Sometimes, two sides won't budge. There isn't a point of fighting forever.

Little said...

6.) Times change.
New people may annoy you. But you have to remember that you don't OWN the blog. You are here as a guest, just as much as the next person. And abusing newcomers or returning oldcomers is an insult to the forum moderator- in this case, Derek Landy.

7.) Don't argue about whose life is worse, who has more shit to deal with.
Apparently this one needed explaining a few times on the blog. We've all got about 60-80 years left of we're lucky. In a year, you won't remember these conversations. In three years, the issues that plague you now probably won't matter.

8.) Be the bigger individual.
Forgive other people. Always.

9.) Life gets better. The only thing that could stop it is yourself.

10.) Taking breaks is okay.
Being on here every day is exhausting. Considering how most people here are adolescent/ of high school or secondary school age, we are all raging hormones. It is easy to come on and instantly be depressed and begin to spiral out of emotional control.

11.) Don't make depression blogs
They don't help you feel better. You feel worse, actually.

12.) Be straight up with yourself.
I lied- this might be my most important point. Sometimes, I would get caught up in the situation. For example, there were times a few years ago, when the bullying was occuring, when I would begin to hyperventilate and cry. And I told myself that all of it was stupid- that I shouldn't let people hurt me, and that this was just words on a page. Well, sometimes it is okay to listen to that small, rational voice, too. And

Always ask...

"Do I actually want to be happy?"

Seriously, ask yourself. Do you actually have any sort of drive to change your life and move forward? Or, do you like feeling the way that you do? Because if not, perhaps that is something worth assessing. Growing up is a hard decision to make (and yes, it is a decision), but it cannot be done by sticking by adolescent morals and themes.

This has been some things that I have learned. They do not in any way apply to every person in similar situations, or otherwise. I have found that just thinking about these points has helped me grow as a person- different than whom I was two years ago. And I think that this could do some good to anyone who reads it. This is also not targeting anyone in particular. I just want to maybe give some advice, and would be pleased if even some of this helped someone out.

Little said...

I'm actually going to bed now, Alastair- but I'll keep writing with you somewhere else, if you'll have me.

Alastair Cruciatus said...

((Of course.))

Tanya Halcyon (Kas) said...

I read the wrong comments, forgot to go to the newest comments page :|

And then *this* comment was deleted before posting. I'm really bad at this.

Anyways, the older comments mentioned the tour from last year and how some of you won't be able to make it. What about this year? Antibody planning to meet Derek?

Tanya Halcyon (Kas) said...


I swear I've gotten better at the whole autocorrect thing.

Little said...

No.. I never read the final book, and I won't see him unless he is in England for the one day that I'm there
I might try to have breakfast with Laura though

Little said...

I'm cleaning my bedroom today :)

Except, I'm slowly losing my mind. I have so many things and I feel like I'm becoming my mother- a hoarder- and as someone whose anxiety triggers my OCD, I feel like I'm melting????

I have so much that I want to change
Even my walls, which are still the gross pale beige staple color that they were since this house was built, feel so impersonal. Over the years I have tried to cover the walls so that it feels like me, but now all of the wall hangings are closing in on me and I'm suffocating

So I ripped them all off and feel much better

But now I have the weird beige color again 😞

I'm hoping I can just talk to my mom about getting a new bed. I have had this one for around ten years now, and it's super uncomfortable and just falling apart (may be why my back has been having so many problems)
I might go for a twin bed this time, though. That will open my bedroom up for some more space. It will also mean I can begin to put my plants in my windowsill

Little said...

No point in all of that, I'm just talking/ telling the story :)

Little said...

There is now a cat on me

Alastair Cruciatus said...

Thank you for sharing the story. I hope you will be able to do something about your walls, and I am pleased that you and your cat are enjoying each other.

Little said...


I thought me and my brain were past the 1:30 AM /warp drive moods.

*Hits brain softly* Hush, now. I've been wanting to sleep for over one full R.E.M. Cycle now. Let me sleeeeep and stop thinking about the scaries >:(

Little said...

A very nice video about a kitty with paralysis and they give her acupuncture and it helps and I cried for a while this morning seeing this

Little said...


I get to see Trip AND Laura on the same day!!
I've known Laura for about seven years, and Trip for about four. I am so ecstatic!

Little said...

Seananners said hi to me in a video again!!!!


Little said...

I am living for all of the Wonder Woman news that has been coming out! All the little articles, the informational videos- hell, even the clickbait! It's about time WW had her first live action film!

It's so good to see women be celebrated like this- especially in a very male- centric industry. All we need is to celebrate female POC as well, and I will be quite satisfied ^.^ well, and I'm sure other minorities should be celebrated too- the disabled, LGBTQ&c individuals, religious diversity... actually, now that I say it, it isn't so much an industry that needs to fit to accommodate "x" amount of minority A and "x" amount of minority B, but rather, it should change so there is less discrimination against such minorities- that people can be free to act despite any identity they associate with.

That's the thing with inclusion- I don't think in this case it is important to highlight every single minority in existence, but rather, make it easier for minorities to reach stardom as it may be for, say, a white male actor or white female actor (not that reaching stardom is by any means easy- but rather, it is often MUCH more difficult for minorities to be involved as it may be for a majority group.


Anyway. Psyched for WW. Gal Godot is fierce!

Little said...


Feraaaa32 said...


Little said...

I'm enjoying this facebook thing quite a bit!

Little said...

I recognize so many people in the comments but i'm trying to be hush hush and not expose their secret identities :p


Little said...

@Luci @Zaf @Jai

Chione Asahina said...

I got Resurrection today! can't wait to read it. Really disappointed Derek has deserted the blog altogether now...

Little said...

And @Zath and @Em and @Gep, too. Hehe. Many good times are being reminisced in my head- like Sparky's theme park, the Island, Nixion being here literally every day- the weird chatzy war between Kallie's lot and Aquila's lot... Flame, and Luciana, and NJ, and the entire family :)

Such good times...

I remember Sir's first summer. I think it was my first official summer as well, so that was cool :)

XD but I was an infant, and I was literally like 13- this was about five years ago, I think (summer of 2012?). So I was around 12-13, though I met Laura and Mariah when I was just about to turn 12.


Really, really, really good times.

I remember the hilarious Skype calls with Sam, and NJ, and Zaf, and Em, and Flame.. and it was just the lot of us being absolutely stupid with each other and mishearing what the other person said, and some very strange things coming out of that...

That was Fam!One

Fam!Two began in 2013(?) which consisted of Trip, Rhydian, Star, Fabi, Mara, HB, Aretha, Flora, Em...

Fam!Three began around 2014, aka: the TLC gang, which was (mostly) Fabi, Star, Trip, Mara, Ari, and Em- though others dabbled in and out.

But now Fam!Four is small. It was really mostly just me and Ari for a while, and of course I still speak to Trip all the time, but it is really broken. There isn't really a cohesive unit. I speak to Em, and Trip, and Aretha, and (recently resurrected, thank god) Fabi pretty regularly, but it has been largely fragmented.

It's kinda sad...

I feel lots of nostalgia to the hUUUUGE gang from way back when: Lynx, Lydia, Kallista, Aquila, Dragona, Raven, Luci, Gep, Nixion, Skyril, Ivy, Flame, Eve the ROCK, Thrust, Taia, Willow, Ieni, Zath, Melica, Kestrel, Octa, Lav, Mist, Dau, Saph, Miss Cain, Lenka, Pyro and Red, Robin, Kilandra...

That's just scratching the surface..

Jesus, those were good times with some good folks. I hope they are all doing well :)

Little said...

Now I'm hunting a lot of these people down on Facebook... they are going to be so confuse

Dang though, the GLOW UP IS REAL

Little said...

The sad thing, I think, was that i was never closer with some people.

Take Snow, for example, or Jubi, or Ed.

I think that's probably what I do regret- not having stronger relationships with everyone

Little said...

or Dugglyn. We were close, but I always wished I could have known her better- emailed more. She was really cool and I celebrate who she is 🎈🎈

Little said...

I am 89% sure that Red and Pyro are still dating.
Which means that they have been together since 2011

2011, guys


Inky Flame #2 said...


Inky Flame #2 said...

(Got two accounts now cause for some reason my phone likes to keep me on this account despite me logging outta google)

Inky Flame #2 said...

(I miss this place 😭)

Little said...

I think everyone is gone, probably.

I was lucky enough to talk to Mara this morning- and now I'm feeling super nostalgic! It's been probably since 2014 or 2015 since we last chatted.

I'm gonna try to find Sir though.

Little said...



So, as many of you know, my character/ muse of Adra was, originally, a Necromancer (only for a few months- and back when Adra was more representative of myself, rather than her own entity). Since then, as I have explored more of her background, and changed her so that she fits her own original story- meaning that she is an Alchemist, rightfully.

In the past few months, I have been exploring her history, ancestry, and identity as an alchemist, and I am beginning to run a blog that explains what Alchemy is in detail, a well as some major anthropological insights into Alchemist culture on Gaia.

It is accessed here:

You're all welcome to check it out! I just thought it would be a cool project to endeavor upon, and hope that some of y'all check it out!

Maralie Lily Charm said...

It's been a while...!

Little said...

Hello, my darling!!!! <3 I don't know if you're still here- apologies- but welcome!!

Little said...

I have 100% spent the last 20 minutes watching this beautiful dance video over and over...

I hope it works, the link!

It was quite beautiful, but also incredibly disturbing. Of course, no story behind this piece is offered, so how everyone interprets it is very interesting, but the story I saw behind it was that it was an abusive relationship..

Clearly, the two dancers are incredibly powerful and gifted and the way they move is just stunning- but their choreography felt so subtly violent; the way he would flip her around with her foot, and it felt as if the whole time she just was more like a ragdoll...

I highly recommend that anyone who sees this comment watch the video. Visually spectacular, disturbing, but just a masterpiece.

Little said...

S12 is on Netflix!!

Little said...

Destiellll :)

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

I realized- if some people stop back in, I am 100% Adra hehe.

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...


I got to say hello to Sir!

I'm so pleased!

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

I have recently been making avatars for many of my characters... I am thinking of posting them to the "Character Facts" blog. If you all are interested!!

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

And, of course, the alchemy blog is open as well.

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

I lock my eyes and the whole world drops dead.
That whisp’ring opera preys upon my fear,
They tick and click and cry and caw and toil,
Where daunting souls reside inside my head.
They’re closing in; their pleas are what I hear-
“Dear Lord please help, I dread my mortal coil”.
Shut down my mind and the whole Earth’s deceased-
(The sinew of my gut is undulate)
-My hope for Zion’s stolen by Hell’s snare,
My skull’s a cage, my pain does still increase.
Doomed that I am, my mind is ruminate---
---My life lays in my ‘cophagus, where there:
I shut my eyes and the whole world falls dead,
And I along, to flee the words unsaid.

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

سأذهب الى اسرائيل في اسبوعين مع استاذي من صف العلم الانسان و التاريخ. اشعور بسعيدة و اريد ان اسافر الى مسعدة و البحر الميت و هيفاء أيضا . كل يوم ساستشقظ حوالي الساعة الرابعة في الصباح و سانام حوالي الساعة العشرة و نصف في المساء. اريد الاتكلم اللغة ألعربيه الى الناس في نفس المنطقتي. بعد اذهب الى اسرائيل، سأسافر الى بيتي في مدينة سينسناتي. سأشعور بمتعبه جدا و ساريد النوم كثيرا.

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

متأسفة if there are some spelling or grammatical errors; it is about 2AM..

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

I'm actually quite tired.. I might either pass out or empty the contents of my stomach and I can't tel which bevaause itscon fusing??

أحب ال اذهب الى غرفتي و أحب الانوم

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...


Inky Flame #2 said...

It'd be a shame to lose contact with everyone 😓 I have Fb if others are interested

If so my email is

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

I'm having fun doing all of these things :p

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

I'm writing a bone-themed speech


Feraaaa32 said...

yo peoples and monsters

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

Not boundless brier, sea, nor brush, nor fire
Could segregate our paths from intercourse
We have been scorched by thoughts of shared desire
That physical absence cannot divorce.
Not Hell nor Heaven could pull us apart,
Since love, will we eternally define
-No devil can displace my counterpart-
He's fixed, since intimately he is mine.
If only wind would lead me to his side,
Impossibility transfixes me...
But Fact's imagination's cyanide
That weighs me down to Earth's Reality

I'm faced with hopeless doubt, yet well I know,
That time will lead me to my Romeo.

This was the one time I attempted Romantic poetry.
Could have been worse

Could have been better lol

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

Thinking a lot today

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

You know, nothing with Madie's case has happened in a while. I mean, it's just awful, and I think having closure on the case would help a lot of people, myself included.

I wasn't able to attend the funeral, because it was the middle of the school week when she died, and I didn't have the money.

The girl who was driving the car is being charged for murder. I've seen the traffic camera videos , and heard the audio for the people who called 9/11, and this girl who ran Madie over was clearly intentional in her actions. Like, she swerved to hit Madie, she deviated from her normal course to hurt her. I think though, even though this girl who killed her claimed that it was an accident, she dragged Madie for about 80 feet, at which point Madie was dislodged from under the car. And then the girl drove away.

Even if she accidentally ran Madie over, even if that was the case, you simply don't continue driving.

Her mother and grandmother in many videos clearly spoil this girl to death- she is all "I'm perfect and I would never do that", but her social media posts clearly show that she's a mean girl. And it's just sad, because I know that her family has helped encourage this behavior from the girl who killed Madie.

I just hope they can get this girl in jail soon- it's been almost two months since she surrendered herself to the police. Madie deserves justice.

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

I suppose I'm just reflecting a lot today about how sad it is that people like Briana, people who have been spoilt, who are mean and cruel, are so brainwashed in this world. That if would be awful if she got away from this. Hurting people is never okay, and if you hurt someone on accident, you grow up, and you own up to it. That's just how the world works.

But Briana isn't owning up. She's continuing to deny that she did anything wrong

And now someone is dead.

It's just frustrating, and it happens a lot in life, and it just sucks.

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

In other news

This makes me very happy ^.^

Emerald Melody said...

Jesus Ads lol

Take a breath...

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

I don't know what breathing is, Em

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

Listen, I will revive this blog, even if it is just me

Emerald Melody said...

I'm all for reviving the blog girl, I'm with you when it's not 12:50 in the morning on my end.

But it's kinda hard when the author doesn't even update his own blog.

Anyway it is late, so we will plan, divide and conquer tomorrow.

Night love xxx

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

I don't blame him. I think he has every right to do so.


Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

I just heard a disturbing audio of a man being mauled by a bear back in 2003

How did I get here


This is so scary

Chione Asahina said...

Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary, Chione and Blake.

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

I am very excited! I'm going to see Twelfth Night at the Globe next week. ^.^ It is one of my favorite comedies :)
If I lived in London, I would probably end up seeing every show there, to be honest. I'd love a good King Lear or Titus Andronicus.

And then I'm going for coffee with Laura :)

But before the Globe I am spending my morning with Trip and, hopefully, I can see him again in the evening time :)

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

Or not see Twelfth Night- I might pop by, but friends are more important than the sights, of course

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

*Is thinking a lot about cookies right about now*

Emerald Melody said...

Awww One Love Manchester, such a great night.

I stand with Manchester <3

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

The videos have given me absolute chills ❤ it's so beautiful

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

So I saw an interview where Derek said that he has a taken name in the books
And I have been thinking about every character I come across as I read and

It struck me




Trip Castalan, Lord of The Hobbits, The Fourth Most Popular Folk/Parody Banana Thief In The Land said...

God dammit Landy you've got me hooked agin

Trip Castalan, Lord of The Hobbits, The Fourth Most Popular Folk/Parody Banana Thief In The Land said...

Also just saying I figured it out literally years ago but I didn't shout about it Adra knows it's true I'm taking all the credit because I'm amazing and this is literally the smartest thing I ever did, except for maybe that one heist I planned.

P.s Saracen was always one of my favourites anyway thats such a cool duscipline

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

*Hits trip gently* Shut up

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...



Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

Haha but I love u so

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

Y'all I finally read and finished TDOTL.

I'm floored

And I'm glad I waited until now because if I read this back when it was released I would have been stuck in purgatory... waiting like everyone else

I'm like a fan of Sherlock who finally just finished season 2 and came late enough to the game that season 3 comes out next week

Feraaaa32 said...

got a psychology exam tomorrow :D

Emerald Melody said...

I tweeted about Landy being Saracen Rue like 2 years ago!!!

How are you only knowing this now??


You don't follow me on twitter....

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

I literally just made a Twitter three days ago.

And I just saw the video stating that he had a character in the books four days ago.

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

For the past six hours I have been drawing

And now

And now I can't sleep

Trip Castalan, Lord of The Hobbits, The Fourth Most Popular Folk/Parody Banana Thief In The Land said...

oh boi wat gr8 tra=vel advice thx mr nastytoe you rly halped me out

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

Sad reacts only

Garret Falcone said...

Today events have made me realise something.

The power of human forgiveness is both beautiful and dangerous.
Beautiful because how people can put aside all past transgressions and hurt and get along again (sort of)
But also dangerous because the one who did the hurt could then feel the hurt themselves via regret.

But yeah, human forgiveness beautiful but dangerous

Star Inkbright said...

*looks up*

I have an exam every day next week so I'm revising and my mood is varying sinsosidually, with the minimums being at the end of each revision session and the maximums being at the end every break. When I get out of it like this I start doing weird things - like leaving my phone in weird places like by the washing up that I'd normally never consider, and walking outside in the rain with no shoes and standing in the rain, or walking round in circles singing, plus I keep crying/laughing for very little reason. I think that while I was drifting around being put if it I kind of drifted back onto this blog. So um, hi. I wouldn't advise on engaging in conversation with me because I'll probably drift off again soon to revise and cry and sing. XD

Singing is something I do now. I didn't sing at all for years, which I think was a confidence thing. I first realised I could sing again after I realised that I was gay, and I mean like, it was weird because after that I'd keep catching myself trying to sing advert jingles to people in the context of conversations and shit like that, and I was just there like "WHAT IS THIS WHAT ARE WE DOING WE DO NOT /SING/." After I got over freaking out about it, I took to attempting to sing Bullet For My Valentine's Tears. Don't Fall whilst walking home from school along the stretch of a dual carriageway where no one could hear me, and I got a bit more confident with it and now I sing when I'm revising home alone. I'm not very good at it, but I am proud that I have the confidence to actually do it.

I've kind of come to terms with the fact that the blog is dead and I'm never going to really be friends with anyone I met here ever again, because I've spent a few years accepting that all friendships must come to an end (and then working out termination estimates for all of my current friendships XD). That said, I've met some really great people here and I'll always have a little special place reserved in my heart for you. And in years to come, I'll look back on the good times I've had here and I'll smile about it.
I'm not going to say "you're all wonderful people" because that would quite blatantly be a lie and I don't even like everyone I've met here. But to those of you who are wonderful, you're wonderful. (Even if you'll probably never read this). Thank you for being friends with me and for putting up with all the annoying/hurtful parts of me. I won't forget you.

I might pop back when I'm on a revision break and have a chat with anyone who's here/post more random shit, but like I said, no guarantees.

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

Hey Star!
Good luck with revisions- I know you will be fantastic on your examiniations when they come, and I have no doubt that you'll be pleased with your results. Also, I am glad you enjoy singing- it's such a great hobby, and a wonderful outlet, so I am pleased that you have it.
I'm sorry, though, if my own path has caused you pain. Leaving this blog, and closing TLC, I have realized was likely really hurtful, so if I have caused harm in any way to you, I apologize. Of course, you know that you are always welcome to shoot an email my way, and I will be happy to answer. I understand you might not really see it this way, but I still consider you one of my good friends on the internet. And the nice thing about good friends, I think, is that -like in life- even when they drift apart, or stop talking, when they pick up again it's as if no time has passed at all.
What I mean to say, really, is that I'm sorry you have probably felt isolated- you are such an incredible person, and are always welcome, of course, and you will always have people who care for you here.

Star Inkbright said...


Awww. Don't worry, you haven't caused me suffering, and you don't have to be sorry. I still consider you one of my good friends too and I think I always will, because you were/are an awesome and lovely person and I'll always remember you as that. :)

Being here has made me conscious of how much my English has deteriorated. I'm sorry, I don't read any more and I've been training myself to talk in bullet points. XD It's harder for me to instinctively sentence.

Feraaaa32 said...

Yeeeaahhh I know what that's like Star :D You're gonna do well though, that's for sure.

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

*Hugs Star- then licks hr softly* *And will just snuggle softly*

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

I did some drawings recently, if anyone is interested... I am working on my third one now

^ this is a drawing of Adra

^This is a drawing of Skulduggery. It is much better.

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

Sorry I'm just learning how to do hyperlinks xD sorry for the "home"

But I am very proud of the second one ^.^

It's because I'm much better at black and white than color.

Star Inkbright said...

Thought you meant the second hyperlink then. XD

:) Oh yeah. You're getting (have gotten? have got? Am I meant to be being English or American here?) good at drawing. That Skulduggery is great.

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

😊 thank you! I'm on MS Paint, so it isn't that great of a program for drawing, but it will do.

Fabi -- The killer that sends heart emojis at everyone and hasn't actually killed anyone yet / fashion-conscious fire wraith said...

Aaah there are people here again!

I will try to be here more often, but I can't promise. I'm dealing with a lot right now.

Fabi -- The killer that sends heart emojis at everyone and hasn't actually killed anyone yet / fashion-conscious fire wraith said...

About staying in touch-- I am ok giving my social media (I have Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram) to people I know/trust from here, but I'm not gonna post it publicly.

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

Please tell noelle

Taia, Raisin, A Good Bear (actually undead) :) said...

Hi folks! Y'all are here, this is so cool! Idk how much I'll be on here because I'm a bit cautious of going back into past social situations at the moment, but it's lovely to see people are around, I miss you guys and I'm glad you're all here. <3

@Noelle: Your paintings are looking great! Wouldn't have guessed that's MS Paint! :0

@Star: I hope you smash your exams next week!! Best of luck!

@All: Hope things are going ok! Also it's Friday so I can totally wish everyone a happy weekend c:

Trip Castalan, Lord of The Hobbits, The Fourth Most Popular Folk/Parody Banana Thief In The Land said...

Hung parliament best parliament

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

Thank you ataxia- and yes, of course! You're always welcome here, you know. *Sends snuggles* I hope your weekend is quite lovely as well!

>.> Teip

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...



Taia, Raisin, A Good Bear (actually undead) :) said...

Lol interesting nickname :p
Thanks Noelle :D *snuggles back*

Hey Trip! Never a dull moment with British politics rn :p

Dugglyn Carzainia said...

People...! :0

Feraaaa32 said...

help me

Star Inkbright said...

:) Nice to see you guys again. :) :)

Rest of the world just be watching my country like "what the fuck are you even doing mate"

Honestly I don't know what we're even doing XD we might have to have another general election soon but everyone's just there like "oh lordy no not another one please make it stop"

The nice thing (autocorrect wanted to change "nice" to "nive." Wtf) about the election we just had was that it was the first one I actually got to vote in.

I suppose the nasty thing about it is that our government is now partially run by homophobic Irish people. Yay.

What strikes me the most about this election, as opposed to the most recent major vote-y things we and others have had, is that nobody really seems to be talking about it. Don't get me wrong, political people sometimes try, but all there is to say is "So... hung parliament. Well, um, I guess that... well, that happened."
The most conversation I've heard about it was from the little kiddies (well. Younger teenagers) on the bus, who were still trying to work out who had won. XD

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

Dugglyn! Hello! I was just talking to Fabi about you yesterday :) How are you?

Yeah, though I doubt another election would be held. I'm america, so many people called for re-elections in both the primary and the presidential election. Though, since the U.K. Is a wee bit smaller, a recount would be easier to conduct. And, indeed- this year seems to be a year of firsts for a lot of political machines.

Dugglyn Carzainia said...

Hi Noelle!! I'm pretty good! (Wishing I could have slept longer but it's so bright...) how are you?

Taia, Raisin, A Good Bear (actually undead) :) said...

*hugglyns Dugglyn* :D

You OK Fera? ^^

@politics: Tbh, I don't remember people talking about it that much after other elections either though. Maybe people tend to just grumble a bit, accept the result and move on?

I guess after the votes have been counted, it's sort of out of the public's hands.... and for most voters in this election, there isn't really a clear winner or loser, because even though the Tories won, they lost a lot of seats and a lot of faith, they actually lost at their own gamble (not for the first time recently); and even though Labour lost, they won a lot of seats, a lot of supporters and a lot of faith in a leader who had beforehand been treated with a lot of controversy, they pulled themselves together and did a lot better than expected. So.... the majority of voters aren't really massively satisfied or dissatisfied I guess.

And then the whole DUP thing is like ...... we've watched our Tory Prime ministers shoot themselves in the foot more than once in the past couple of years - what's once more to add to the collection? It's something that's happening and there's not a lot we can do about it.... maybe it feels more like watching a tv drama than the real leadership of the UK... idk :/

Taia, Raisin, A Good Bear (actually undead) :) said...

Also not really relevant but I always find the Welsh votes distribution pretty interesting.

If you take a map of Wales showing regions where the coal mining industry was most prominent... and you also take a map showing Welsh speaking population..... they add up uncannily similar to the map of election results in Wales. The collieries correllate with labour constituencies, the Welsh speakers correlate with Plaid Cymru constituencies... and what remains is conservative.

It really shows how much history & culture influences politics and I think that's kind of fascinating :0

Star Inkbright said...

They had to join with the DUP. It's their only option. They need a majority to rule and they can't get any of the other parties to ever work with them except the DUP.

After Brexit and Trump, there was a lot of discussion in my sixth form. But we are political little beings here.

@Adra: The thing is that with a minority government we are pretty unstable, and even if you add the DUP to the Tory votes the majority is very small. The Tories would struggle to pass legislation.

Right now, having a stable (for want of a better word) government is particularly important for Brexit negotiations. May called a snap election because she wanted a strong mandate to conduct Brexit, and that's clearly been rejected. We want a good deal with the EU, and we're less likely to get that if the EU are conducting talks with a prime minister that the country has little respect for.

Basically May fucked everything up. :P

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

I know that feeling. I'm okay- I've spent several nights staying up late, so I have a bit of a headache.

@Taia: that makes sense. Trip described to me that Labour was never going to get a majority- but that as long as they got more seats, that was considered a win. Tw tricky stuff :/

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

Hmm... I think that is making sense. Basically, you're saying that the votes are spread too thin that partisan issues won't be dealt with properly?

That does suck...

So, do you have the feeling that you would rather there be a majority of something, even if it is Tory, rather than having this weird situation? Or not

Star Inkbright said...

I'm not very pro-Tory, so no, I'd rather be as we are. In my opinion if the Tories can't get much done that may be a good thing. However, no one can really get anything done in this situation, so I think if we don't have another election we'll probably just be sat around waiting for one for the next five years.

Star Inkbright said...


My emoji got lost somewhere between typing and sending. :(

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...


Yeah that is more or less where we are too :o

Star Inkbright said...

XD Yeah

I think you might get rid of Trump before the end of his term, the way things are going.

Dugglyn Carzainia said...

@Noelle aww, try to get to sleep earlier! (If possible)
I should have gone to bed earlier
Jai tried to get me to go to bed earlier

Hahahahahahaa it's only been a few months and already the government is a mess
I bet Star's prediction is pretty accurate
What the fuck were people thinking?
(Rhetorical question. I mean, I know what they were thinking to an extent but like, it was such a bad idea?? Anyway)

Emerald Melody said...

I gotta feeling... wooohooo. That tonight's gonna be a good night, that tonight's gonna be a good good night


So saw Derek today, event with a signing. He was glad to see me cause it's been like 3 years since I saw the man. I showed him the progress on my Skulduggery cross stitching, he was very impressed. Then I showed him a picture of my doggie Astro, again very impressed. Then I robbed a load of badges and transfers, gave him a hug and then came home.

Plus, for the first time in 2 years...

I have Dublin Daes 2 open and starting afresh :)

Dugglyn Carzainia said...

Sounds like fun, Em!!

And oooh, nice! I have your book, and I'm about half way through, but I've been so busy recently I haven't had time to read :/

Dugglyn Carzainia said...

But I've really enjoyed the parts I have read!

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

Let's hope we get that man out of office- soon.

Yay! Congrats, Em!!! And, I'm sure it was lovely :) no spoilers though!!

And @Dugglyn: I'll try xD I just enter Noelle Zone and I black out for a few hours and when I come to it's been six hours since I went to the twilight zone and I'm almost finished with some kind of art piece xD

Dugglyn Carzainia said...

@Noelle oh dear xD

Emerald Melody said...

You literally know when you're reading an excellent authors book when you have to do a physical and mental double take...

And I'm only 20 chapters in!!

Hey everyone x

Fabi -- The killer that sends heart emojis at everyone and hasn't actually killed anyone yet / fashion-conscious fire wraith said...
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Emerald Melody said...

OMG watching E3 live on Twitter right now.

They have Mario and the Rabbids in the one game. Stupidly cute.

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fabi -- The killer that sends heart emojis at everyone and hasn't actually killed anyone yet / fashion-conscious fire wraith said...

Two weeks ago from today, I was messaging her. Things were normal.
Two weeks ago from tomorrow, she was already gone, before I woke up, I think. I heard around 11, but she'd been gone for a while by then.

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...

*Holds Fabi*

Maralie Lily Charm said...

i know i left very quickly last time i said hello, but this time i PROMISE to check for any replies... unless i forget... uh...

hello everyoneee~

Moss Harbor Elsinore Lantern Cryptic said...

[hugs Noelle]

[hugs Maralily] Hey, long time no see. How are you?

Anthony Fung said...

Wow the new book is not as good as i thought.

Adra Cruciatus, Little said...


I guess that, now that I am busy with the excavation, all falls silent here again

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